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Vernier in the Lab and Field

This year's SMART NY cohort started their training in the laboratory learning how to implement Vernier data collection tools into their STEM lessons. The Vernier tools engage young students and educators to collect and analyze real-world data. With Vernier tools, our educators engaged in hands-on data-collection and jumped into exploration of Digital Fluency and CS Standards.

The educators followed up their laboratory work with a field visit to Sunken Meadow State Park where they collected water quality data in two sections of the marsh. Educators were tasked with assessing differences in Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and temperature in two differnet salt marshes at Sunken Meadow State Park. Educators visited the newly restored salt marsh (2019) and the native salt marsh at the east end of the park.

Educators designed a lesson to implement Vernier training with their classrooms and then jump into data analysis using Excel and various other statistical software. Lesson and data analysis can be found here:

All data from the field was downloaded as CSV files and implemented into Microsoft EXCEL. Graphical analysis was completed in JMP VER 14.0 SAS.

Download PDF • 2.10MB

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