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Spotlight Technology for the Future, SMART START, NY Focus Area: Educational Technology

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a growth of more than 1 million STEM related jobs over the next 8 years. STEM workers use their knowledge of science technology, engineering or math to try to understand how the world works to solve problems. Their work often involves the use of computers and other tools. Aligning our work to the new Computer Science and Digital Fluency Learning Standards as well will offer our students with disabilities and English Language Learners the opportunity to improve math, science skills and technological literacy with a focus on college and career readiness. Likewise, manufacturing in the world is changing dramatically. We want our young people to understand that there are exciting jobs available. The STEPD-UP program aims to bring industry and academia together to support technology-related research and education in advanced-manufacturing fields such as clean energy, lightweight materials, telecommunications, coding, gaming, the internet, and more.

STEPD-UP offers the opportunity to train teachers how to immerse students in project-based learning activities with the Digital Fluency standards serving as the backbone which facilitates language acquisition and content knowledge for ELLs and SWDs. Throughout the STEPD-UP program educators will employ Digital Fluency and computer science practices by employing: Computing and Society (CAS), Digital Tools and Collaboration (DTC), Computing Systems (CS) and Computational Thinking. We will encourage the use of digital platforms like Twitter to collaborate with others, and promote our program. Our model empowers teachers to think like scientists and encourages them to assist their students in becoming leaders in the workforce and beyond. Using the Digital Fluency Standards and STEAM as our platform we employ a 5E (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate) learning cycle to create teacher-centered experiences, aimed to create student-centered classroom experience based on 21st century learning. We aim to create the most innovative teachers that are implementing cutting-edge science and technology in their classrooms see:

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